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(The Babes Club)

Morgan has worked with Erika Gayle Photography for many projects, including the shoots that provided several pictures featured on this website. Morgan highly recommends Erika, in part because of her immense talent but also because she works so hard to create a space that's safe and affirming for everyone.

From Erika: "At The Babes Club we truly believe that EVERY body is beautiful and worthy of a photo session. Yes, even you. Yes, just the way you are. Right now. No more excuses.

As a result of these sessions, my clients leave with something they've maybe never experienced - how other people see them. To not see themselves in the mirror through the lens of their own self-doubt. Not seeing the things they're normally so very self-conscious about. Above all, to see past any of their own perceived imperfections. To see themselves through my lens. Finally seeing their own true beauty - something they may have never truly seen before."