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Small town kid with a big heart

Sounding like an emo/folk singing Disney Princess, Morgan Moats is a performer and recording artist who has been writing music for more than two decades. They've got a music degree in classical composition, a background in classical piano and musical theatre, and a personality that's big enough for two people.

In June, 2024 Morgan's debut Album Looking For will be released on all streaming platforms! Big thanks are due to Lee Stubbe for playing piano and some percussion on the album, and Orion Paradis at Soul Sound Studio for recording, mixing, and mastering.

Morgan writes about interpersonal relationships and grief, getting inspiration from the deep relationships they form with friends, family, and loved ones as well as the sense of loss they've grown accustomed to after losing grandparents, a sister, and two beloved mentors.

People close to them will remark on how very much Morgan cares - about people, social justice, and all sorts of topics and issues (ask them about pigeons sometime!)

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